A Sexy Aunt
03-18-2014, 02:45 PM,
A Sexy Aunt
Hi I am jay from ahmedabad. This is a story of fucking a sexy 42 years old fat widow. I fucked baudis. But i never fucked an aunty before that. That was a rainy evening. I went to meet one of my ex-college at his house who have came to his relative house in kolkata. It was about 7 p.m. i entered their house, knocked the door. His aunt opened the door. I entered and seeing nobody else, i enquired about my friend. She told wo to chala gaya. Ab toh 7/8 din tak wapas nahi aayenge. I knew that my friend was out of area for his job. By this time the rain started in full swing with storm. She locked the door & told itne barish me toa bahar nahi nikal sakoge, tum baitho. I noticed her. She was wearing a light rose colored saree with matching blouse. She was looking very very sexy.

I noticed her fairy chik, her 42 sized big boobs, hips. She was 42/38/48. She smiled at me. I was sitting on a sofa. By this time power cut occurred. She lightened a candle. The room was now looking so romantic. Time was going. We were talking. She told me about her lonely life after being widowed since 13 years. I assumed she was hungry for a fuck. As the storm & rain did not stop for about 2 hours, at 9 p.m. she said tum itne barish me to ghar ja nahi sakoge. Ghar me phone kar do ki tum yahin raho gae . I did so. She said main khana bana rahi hoon, tum haath munh dholo, phir dono saath hi kha lete hain.

I freshened up and entered kitchen where she was cooking. She was standing with her back to me, her pallu was inserted in her kamarband, her choochies enclosed in a tight fitting blouse, visible from side, and her big hips were presenting a very voluptuous sight indeed. ‘Aunty aaj toh aap bahut sundar lag rahi hain’ i complimented her and stood behind her. ‘Accha ji, line marna shuru kar diya, aisa kya sundar lag raha hai, jara main bhi toh sunu’ she smiled, turning her face half to my side. Sensing her mood i gathered courage and embraced her from behind, kissed her cheek and said, ‘aap ki toh har cheez sundar hai, yeh gore gore phule hue kachori jaise gaal, dekh kar man karta hai ki inhe kha hi jaaun, aur yeh itni moti moti…….

I cupped and pressed her boobs from behind, inhe to bus……’ she laughed happily and said ‘bus bus abhi mujhe khana banane do, yeh taarif baad me karna’ and kissed back my cheek. ‘Chalo ab dining room me baith jao. Main abhi aati hoon.’ ‘ok aunty jaise aap kahain’ and i went to drawing room. She finished cooking and washed her face etc., and came to dining room and started putting food on the table. ‘Haan toh ab bataao kyaa kehe rahe the,’ she invited me to flirt. My cock had stood up and was lodged between her ass cheeks, i cupped her boobs from behind, kissed her cheeks again and said, ‘aap ki yeh itni moti moti……dekh kar toh…..”inka kuch naam bhi hai’ she smilingly intercepted ‘haan yeh itni moti moti choochiyan dekh kar toh man karta hai ki inhe choosta hi rahun’ ‘dhat, wo toh chote bacche chuste hain’ ‘nahi bade bacche bhi chooste hain. Aur aapne hume inke darshan to karaye nahi aur na hi iske’ i boldly cupped her cunt over her saari.’hut badmash inhe main kaise dikha sakti hoon.

Kyon kavi nahi dekhi kya. ”Nahi kuch bhi nahi dikhayi diya, please ek baar dikha do na apni yeh moti moti choochiyan aur yeh pyari pyari si’…… I caressed her cunt. ‘Pyari si kya’ she whispered and kissed me. ‘Apni yeh pyari si choot dikha do na aunty’ i whispered back while cupping her cunt and pushed my cock between her ass cheeks. ‘Tum to bahut gandi baaten karte ho, aisi kimti cheez koi aise hi thodi dikhaai jaati hain, inhe dekhne ki munh dikhai deni padti hai” unhone ithlaate hue kaha.aap jo kahengi mai doonga, bus aap dikha deejiye’ i was getting impatient. ‘Ab khana baad me khayenge, pehle andar chaliye’. She caught hold of my cock over the pant and said ‘hoon, lagta hai bahut baichain ho raha hai, par yaad rakhna dekhne ki fees deni padegi.

‘At that time i would have said ‘yes’, even if she had demanded crown jewels. ‘Haan haan, aap jo kahengi main doonga, aap chaliye to sahi’. She took me to drawing room and we embraced. She took out my my cock and said ‘yeh aaj itna kyon funkar maar raha hai’. I cupped her cunt and while pressing her boobs said, ‘ise aap ki choot ki khushbu mil gayi hai isi liye bechain hai, ab aapne meri cheez to dekh li, ab inhe bhi to khol ke dikahiye, mujhe inhe choosna hai’. ‘Nahi nahi mai blouse nahi utar sakti,’ she refused. I kissed her lips and while caressing her cunt over her saari, said, ‘toh apni choot hi dikha do na aunty, iske liye to sirf saari uthaane se hi kaam chal jayega’ and i started pulling up her saari. ‘Tum to bahut jaldbaazi kar rahe ho, mujhe baithne to do’ and she sat down on the sofa. I sat down on the floor between her legs and slowly pulled her saari till her knees.

I kissed her ankles and pushed her saari upwards again. When her thighs were bared she stopped my hands and giggled. ‘Mujhe gudgudi hoti hai aur sharam bhi aati hai’. Ohhhh…… She pulled me up, pushed me on the sofa, spread my legs & started sucking my big cock. After sucking for about 5 minutes i pulled her & let her set on the sofa. Spread her legs. Her thighs were solidly built with creamy white skin and presented a very luscious sight. I ran my fingers over them and started kissing her thighs madly. She hissed with lust and widened her thighs and i got a whiff of light musky and sexy aroma of her cunt. I pushed her saari over her widened thighs, she moved her ass till the edge of the sofa seat and lo-and-behold her magnificent cunt came into view.

(she had removed her panty while she had gone to washroom) gori-chitti with a flash of pink shining from within the lush vertical fat lips coated with a film of moisture. She had shaved it clean (apparently in the morning) so it was smooth surface all the way. I gingerly ran my fingers over her cunt lips and said, ‘oh aunty, maza aa gaya dekh kar. Bahut sundar hai aapki choot aur aaj to is pitch par se ghas bhi saaf ho gayi hai (referring to her shaved jhaante) ‘pasand aayi meri cheez” haan aunty tumne to mujhe jannat dikha di hai.’ ‘to ab iski munh dikhayi do’ she demanded. Haan haan bataiye hum aapko kya de sakte hain’ i declared with all the generosity of badshah akbar. She pressed my face toward her cunt and said ‘ise kiss karo, ise chuso aur khoob chato.

Now this was unexpected demand. Sensing my hesitation, she said, tume wayda kiya tha.’ she grabbed her cunt with her petticot to remove extra moisture and said ‘lo ab karo, isme koi gandi baat nahi hain, maine bhi tumhara choosa hai aur tumhara maal bhi piya hai, tumhe bhi chusne me maza ayega, ab wohi maza de ”seeing no escape i lightly kissed her cunt lips. ‘Haaaaan aise hiiiiiiii…..’ she hissed and guided me further, ‘ab inhe dhire dhire chato. I gingerly started licking her fat cunt lips. Slowly my tongue accepted the strange taste and i also started pressing her boobs. Then i parted her vertical lips. It was all pink inside and shining with moisture. She was moaning with pleasure and caressing my face and said, ‘ab jeebh andar ghusa ke ise apni jeebh se chodo. As directed i started poking her cunt with my tounge. My nose was rubbing her clit and her musky scent was making me mad with lust.

She was also muttering ‘oh ohh yeh kya kar raha hai, haan aaaaiiiiiiisssse hi karta raho, bahut maza aa raha hai, oooh’after few minutes she said, ‘ab isko bhi chato aur chooso, yehi hai asli cheej’ she said pointing to her clit. I continued to do as directed. Her pleasure was mounting minute by minute. I continued to suck on her clit and inserted a finger in her cunt and started fingering her. ‘Ohhhhhhh tu toh mujhe maar hi daaaalega, haaan aise he ungli se bhi chodta reh’ after few minutes of sucking, licking and fingering her cunt, she wailed, ‘ahhh…… Maza aa gaya… Ek nahi do ungali…..do ungli andar ghusao, tu aaj tak kahan tha, mai mar jaaungi, dhire dhire karo nahi to maira abhi nikal jayega’ haan aise hi karta raho, ab jor jor se ungliyan andar ghusa ke karo’ mad with lust, she continued to blabber and pressed my face on her cunt.

She had placed her thighs on my shoulders and clasped my face tightly between them. I was now sucking and fingering her cunt also. Her ass had started bouncing on sofa and she wailed ‘oohhhh eeeeeiiiiii maiii gayyyyyyiii’ and she orgasmed so strongly that she nearly snapped my neck between her thighs and then she passed out. Relieved i freed my self and sat on the sofa and wiped my face. Slowly she came to her senses, gave me a weak smile, patted my cheeks and said, ‘itna maza toh pehle kabhi nahi aaya, tumne toh mujhe apna gulam bana liya hai.’ then she kissed me and sucked her own honey from my lips and face. Then she caught my cock which had wilted by now and said, ‘arre yeh to naraz ho gaya hai, lao isse tayyar karte hain’ and she started sucking.

I was mauling her boobs and gradually my cock again stood up. She lay-down on the sofa, opened her thighs and invited me, ‘ab aajao maidan me’. Happily i mounted her, wetted my cock between her cunt lips and shoved it home in one strong push. ‘Arre maar diya jaalim, dheere dheere ghusao,’ she complained. I kissed her lips and said, ‘aapki choot badi tight hai, maza aagaya. ”Haan tight toh hogi hi, iski bahut dino se ghutaaee nahi hui’ she replied. ‘Ghutaaee ya chudai’ i asked naughtily. ‘Haan haan wahi, ab baate band karo aur kas ke chudai karo, phar do aaj ise, mujhe bahut tang kar rakha hai isne. Abhi tum 7/8 din hai to is saali choot ko chod chod ke bhosra bana do, tabhi yeh kuchh thandi hogi’ she started talking dirty in heat of her passion. I started banging her furiously. I started to maul her jutting boobs with both hands. I took my cock out and again with a sudden push entered her fully. I repeated this several times and every time at the initial entry of the cock head she cried out in pain. I held both her legs with my hands and fucked her with deep thrusts.

Sometimes i took both of them over my shoulders and sometimes i pulled one on my shoulder and pinning down the other under my thigh. She was screaming, ah… kaya maza re, kitne dino bad ek cheeg ghusha. Main janti thi tum aaj tumare dost ko milne aaoge, is liye main tumhare chudai ke liye tayar thi. Chodo, chodo, khob chodo. Raat bhar chodna. This way i changed her posture many times while fucking her continuously. I had turned her over and was fucking her from the back doggy style. She became almost mad with pleasure and climaxed, wailing in a low voice. She had her face down in the sofa cushion and whimpered, ‘aaj andar mat nikalana, ”mera aane wala hai, phir kahan nikalun” mujhe tumhara oh oh…. Lund chusna hai…. Haaaaiiiii…. Aur maal peena hai, mere muhn me do, mere muhn me hi chhootna’. I was close to cumming, gave few more hefty shoves in her cunt, pulled my cock out and pushed towards her face, ‘lo chuso ise, pura maal pi jao, aapki pyas bhuj jayegi’.

she sucked my cock in, two more pushes in her mouth and i burst like a dam. She gurgled happily and noisily sucked all the cum, laced with her cunt juice. Some leaked out of her mouth, she wiped with a towel and went back to suck my now deflating cock. Drained, i pulled it out – ‘ab chhor bhi do kya kha hi jaaogi ise’ she happily wiped her mouth and kissed me, ‘aaj toh tumne bahut badhiya maza diya hai, ab toh tujhe inaam dena padega’. I asked what gift doge. She said ‘aaj se jab tum chaho mujhe chudna. That night i fucked her 2 times more. She took my sperm at her cunt & also at her body. I fuck her regularly. I fucked her friend sushma who also is a same body lady at her bed. Even sometimes i fuck both together. I am fucking them regularly.
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