Anushka Shetty Fucked in the Jungle
04-26-2015, 10:39 AM,
Anushka Shetty Fucked in the Jungle
Anushka woke up around 11 am. It was a wild party night last. She had a threesome with some two-bit Bollywood actor. She was desperately trying to break into Bollywood and was on a cock-sucking binge. She almost had a movie deal clinched. She looked at the clock, and remembered that she was getting late for her meeting with her agent Sameer. He was a very powerful agent and Anushka was the newest fish in his net. She is a scorcher. At 5'9, with 36c breasts, deep navel and the biggest ass in town, she was the playtoy of the agent. Sameer was waiting at his house. He called her up "Where are you Sugarbag? I have been charging myself for a long time". "Sorry Sameer, on my way. Just woke up with a bad hangover. Was at Rohit's party last night". "Hmm...heard about it. You were quite the thing at the party. People were just waiting to lay their hand on you". "Haha..naughty! Lets talk when we meet!" said Anushka. "There's no talking honey. We'll excercise together".[/font]
Anushka reached Sameer's place in 1 hour. Sameer opened the door and saw Anushka. She was looking very ravishing in a tight white t-shirt and a casual blue jeans. The t-shirt was unable to contain her massive tits and they were looking very strained. Sameer immediately pulled her inside and threw her on the couch. "Easy Sameer. I just got here". Sameer was wearing a night robe, and just had his underpants on inside. He threw the nightgown aside. "You are my prize catch darling. I have good news for you after we are done fucking!" He removed Anuska's top. She was wearing a blue sports bra. It made her already giant boobs look even bigger. Sameer started to suck on her boobs from the top of her bra. Anushka slowly removed Sameer's underwear and started playing with his penis. It was of good size and a very fair penis. It was circumsized so his front portion looked nice and pinkish. "I love your gora lund Sameer. It is so cute!". She went down on her knees and started sicking his cock. Sameer was loving it. He had the best job in the world. Who else would get to fuck the best pussy that came along, and also get paid well in the process? She went on sucking for about 20 mins and then Sameer came on her face. She licked some of the cum. Sameer lifted her and took her to the bedroom. He threw her on the bed, and jumped on top of her. He started kissing her passionately. Their tongues were exploring each other and it was very passionate. Sameer slowly removed Anushka's jeans. He started to kiss her toes and slowly move up. He passionately kissed her juicy thighs and went up to her panty. She was wearing a trendy white panty and it was smelling of female juices as he went up. He removed it and started eating her pussy. He licked and kissed her vagina for about half an hour. Anushka's jices were heavenly. They tasted so good. She was ready for it now . "Fucking shove your rod into me Sameer" she cried out. She removed her bra and let her massive boobs hang. They were the most perfect boobs ever. She had large brown nipples. Sameer just started to suck and went on sucking. Anushka could not control anymore. "Jaldi chod na mujhe Sameer!". Sameer looked for a condom around, wore it and with one thrust put his cock into Anushka. She loved it. They went on pumping for half an hour. Sameer was exhausted. They just lay on the bed for a while. "So, whats the news" said Anushka wearing her panty and jeans. "Oh yes! Its final. You are in Ashutosh Ghai's movie. You are playing the second lead actress Chandni. You remember the script na?" Anushka was thrilled. This was what she had been waiting for all along. "Awesome! Thanks you so much Sameer! I love you so much." They had another passionate French kiss. "Yeah I know. Great news eh! This is the perfect launch for your career. What are you doing from tomorrow to the weekend?" "Nothing couple of parties and meeting the odd producers, sucking those ugly cocks". "You dont have to do that anymore. Anyways, Mr.Ghai is going with a small crew over to this village in Jharkhand tomorrow. He really wants you and me to come along. Even the hero Rohit Kapoor is coming. As this movie is about naxal violence, he wants us to get some first hand account of how life is in those areas. We'll spend a couple days and come back." "Hmm..waht do you think? Should we go?". "We absolutely should. It will show Mr.Ghai that we are professionals and will help in building good relations with him."

So Anushka went home and packed. She put in mostly sarees, as she knew that wearing modern clothes might not be good in the village. But she kept some sexy lingerie knowing well that Sameer might be tempted to do it at anytime. They went over to the director's place, from where they left for the aviation base. They boarded the director's private plane anc set out for this remote naxal affected village in Jharkhand....

And so the crew talked to alot of villagers for till evening. They listened to how the naxals in the name of social justice used to murder and rape their women. After the day was over, the director came upto Sameer and Anushka's tent and said that the unit decided to have a barbecue party by the night. The hero and other unit members were also very keen on enjoying the night. Plus, the thrill of being so close to a thick jungle was slightly making the director want to drink and sleep the night off. 
Anushka went into her tent to change. Sameer followed her. "What will you watch Sameer! I am changing into a saree. Please go out na!" "It is always a pleasure to your body love. Besides, I dont think there is anything I haven't seen yet". Anushka smiled and knew he would not go out. She removed her t-shirt and jeans and her underwear and bra too. Sameer was enjoying everybit of her perfect body. "You are so perfect Anu." said Sameer going near her. Anushka stopped him. "Party ke baad Sameer. People are waiting for us there" said Anushka. She chose a sexy yellow thong and wore it. The thong was just covering her pussy mound. Her entire gaand was left exposed. "Hmm...So this is for me in the night! I am already getting horny." She wore a Silver colored sleeveless blouse with a very deep plunging neckline and showing most of her back. Then she chose a nice maroon colored saree and tied it deep below her navel. "Why do you want to raise all the dicks in the unit hon?" aksed Sameer. "Looking sexy is important Sameer. Don't be silly. Only you'll fuck me tonight, though I might flirt around a lot and of course give a couple of blowjobs here and there." "Only to the director and the hero. You're too fine a woman for anyone else in this unit to even come near you!" "Hhaha....the ever-possessive Sameer!" she smiled and held his cock. "I am gonna take your shiney gora lund deep inside me today". 

The party had started. The people were already drunk and were having a good time. After having a couple of drinks, Anushka was feeling slightly tipsy and was having a good time. The hero came upto her and said "Hey Anu, I am heading into the jungle with the cameraman Sudhir and the spotboy Chotu. Do you wanna join us?" "Sounds like fun. But..." "Dont get any ideas. I am not into you at all. I am getting married in December. Its just that going into the jungle seems like a very tempting proposition. It will an adventure worth trying!" "How will we navigate? Besides, how will we protect ourselves in case of a naxal ambush?" "We have two fully automatic carbines on our car Anu. Sudhir and I are experts at using them. These guns are way more sophisticated than the outdated naxal weapons. Besides, both Sudhir and Chotu are grew up in this area. They are excellent guides!" "Ok. I am in. But lets comeback before 1.00 am. I dont want to raise any panic in the unit." "Dont worry. We will come back. There's an old fort up the hill deep in the jungle. It will take us about 40 mins or so to reach there. We'll just see that and come back. I have informed director sir." And so they left into the jungle. 15 mins into the jungle they heard some gunshots in the air, and all their tires went flat. The hero and Sudhir got out of the jeep and took a couple of steps, they stepped on human rope traps. Their guns fell from their hands and they were hanging upside down from trees on one leg. Anushka and Chotu were very scared. Out of the bush came 3 men. Seeing Chotu, they asked him run back on foot. Chotu ran without seeing back. The men looked at Anushka and one of them said "Heroine hai! Kya karein iska! Chhod dein kya isko? Andar ley gaye toh Daulat Khan aur uske aadmi toh ise kachha kha jayenge!" "Lekar chalo. Nahi ley gaye toh hum aaj nahi bachenge." They tied Anushka, gagged and blindfolded her. She kept screaming on the top of her voice. When the blindlolds were removed she lay in a corner of a dirty room. The floor had pan marks etc all over and was stinking. Someone opened the door. He was a giant of a man. Almost 6'10'' tall, he was very muscular and very dark. He looked at Anuskha. Her sexy silver blouse was barely concealing her breasts and the way she lying down the folds on the side of her tummy were visible. They were very tempting and Daulat Khan said "Madam. Aap dawat ho mere aur mere ladkon ke liye. Gaon ki jitni ladkoyon ka balatkar kiya, unme aap toh pari ho". Meanwhile his group of 5 people entered the house. One of them was called lukkha. He derived great pleasure in torturing many young village girls and keeping them as his sex slaves. He was a psychopath and was feared among this group. Only Daulat Khan could contol him. One of them lifted Anuska, they removed her gag. She pleaded "Please mujhe jaane do, main aapko jitne paise chahiye bhijwa doongi". The man close to her was very turned on by her perfume. He could not control anymore. He started licking her armpits and her bare arms. "Itni gori chamdi, itna maas, yeh kapde aur yeh mehek! Paison se main kya karoonga rani." Lukkha happened to see her tummy. He was blown away. The deep navel, the nice curves were very tempting. Lukkha went near her, on his knees and put his tongue on her navel. He then bit it very hard. Anushka cried in pain. "Dheere dheere lukha. Sahari maal hai. Makkhan hai. aaram se." Lukhe just went on kissing her navel, slowlu biting it and spitting on it.

Anushka was looking so voluptious and tempting that no man who had it in him to fuck her would miss that opportunity. Lukkha was getting wild just kissing and biting her deep navel and tummy. "Kya maal hai Khan bhai...yeh kamar dekho saali ki. Malai hai". It was getting too much for Khan and the other people. They removed their pants and their underwear. Khan had a 10" cock, very black with the veins clearly visible. Anushka got disgusted seeing it. Lukkha moved over from her navel on to her blouse. Anushka was breathing heavily. She could not imagine what this maniac will do to her breasts. She kept on saying "Please...chod dijiye mujhe". Lukkha just kept staring at the cleavage and the shiney silver blouse and licking his lips. He brought his tongue out and licked her the part of her breasts that was visible in the bra. Anushka felt a shiver in her heart. A dirty rotten country outlaw was licking her breasts! With one wild attempt he tore open her sexy blouse. All the men in the room were staring at her breasts. The big beautiful mounds of female anatomy. The nipples were big and brown. The men had ferociously raped many village girls, with breasts half the size of Anushka and much darker and of poor quality. These were white, big and soft. It was like they had never seen before, not even in books or tv. Lukkha not able to control himself bit her right breast very hard. Anushka sreamed at the top of her lungs in pain. Lukkha did the same to her second breast. The teeth impressions were formed on her beautiful globes. "Lukkha...dheere se kaat. Nazuk maal hai. Sahari hai na." Lukka just took one boob as much into his mouth as he could and was pressing the other one very hard. Daulat Khan walked behind Anushka and put is hand on her back. It was a very sexy and fleshy back. Daulat started licking and kissing it. The other men removed the bottom of her saree. They were blown away seeing the sexy thong. "EE kaun dhaga pahni hai? Chaddi nahi pahenti Sahar ki choriyan?" Daulat khan saw her ass. Anushka has the biggest ass in movie industry, an ass people die for. Daulat held her cheeks in both hands and bit both of them. He saw her shiney pink asshole and started licking it like a madman. Lukkha tore open the thong. His eyes were fixed on the most prized female possession, the pussy! There were no pubic hair on it, it was pink and fleshy. It was like none of the pussies he had seen before. "Is chut ko toh main...." Lukkha went on his knees and started licking her pussy. The smell was heavenly. Anushka had given up all hope and decided to go with the flow. Lukkha was licking her pussy like an animal, occasionally giving in to the tempation of biting it. Anushka was scared, but decided to fake as if she was enjoying it. There were already many bite marks all over her Ass, breasts and stomach. She wanted to avoid anything serious. She knew these people were wild and had no mercy. She started getting wet. Lukkha was drinking the juices and it made him wild. "Mazaa aa raha hai kya? Randi" Daulat Khan had enough foreplay for now. He came forward, pushed lukkha out of the way and put his cock into Anushka's pussy. Anushka cried out loud. It was a huge cock and looked disgusting. He began pumping into her like an animal and was continuously pressing her boobs and slapping them. He also passionately kissed her on her beautiful pouty lips. His smelly black dirty body against Anushka's fair shiney skin was a beautiful contrast. Anushka began to respond and love the cock slowly. Lukkha wanted to torture the beautiful bitch. The other guys took out their cocks and started shoving them into Anuska's mouth. Lukkha lit up a village cigar and brought it close to Anushka's boob. Anushka was shit scared. Lukkha with a menacing smile put it on one boob. The part turned red and Anushka was in pain. It was a strange feeling. She had never felt pain and pleasure together before. She was feeling it now. She was getting aroused in knowing that these dirty animals so loved every part of her body. Lukkha put the cigar in many spots on her breast, her ass and her belly. Then he slowly started to lick each part. Daulat Khan and Anushka reached their orgasm together. Daulat Khan decided to rest for a bit. Other took turns to fuck her precious pussy. Lukkha started in the end. He fucked her non-stop for 40 mins in her pussy and then her asshole. After they were all done she was left in the room to rot. Anushka was in tears. She didn't know how long she will be there. She wore back her thong and the saree without the blouse. "Khan bhai...apne baaki bhaiyon ko bhi toh ise chakhne ka mauka mile." "Sahi keh rahe ho. Iski jawani toh aag hai. Ladke baut khush honge. 

The outlaws kept Anushka in that house for 5 more days. She was raped and tortured as many as 10-15 times every day. By the time the rescue team and the police discovered her, she was very weak and feeling very sick. Anushka had to be hospitalized for 3 months before she could recover. She decided to end her career as an actress after that.[/color]

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