My Hot Cousin Sama
03-03-2014, 03:53 PM,
My Hot Cousin Sama
My cousin and I were never really close. Now we weren’t first cousins or even second cousins, all I know was that we were cousins somewhere along the line, so it’s not like we were close because of blood or anything. Yet we lived pretty close from each other, only maybe a 10 or 15 minute drive. She was the youngest of four, and I was the youngest of two.

Her name was Sama. She had dark brown hair, with slight highlights, big brown eyes, and juicy lips. She was a few inches shorter than me, and was an averaged size girl: slim but not really skinny, with very nice legs. She was also a busty girl, not huge boobs, but nice and round, probably a C-cup. They were definitely her best asset, even though her booty hasn’t half bad as well.

She was definitely prettier than his sister, who was about the same age as me, but she was only 2 years younger than us, so we all got along fine. Even though she lived pretty close, we went to different schools in high school in different cities, and we saw each other here and there, hanging out and eventually becoming closer as we got older. At the time of this story, she was a freshman in college, while I was a junior.

Both of us went to different schools, but they were both within the state so not too far from home. It all started a few years back. Her mom and dad were divorced, and her brothers and sister were off living on their own or off at college out of state. That left only her grandma and her mom at home, with Sama coming home from school during the weekends. Anyways, her mom had to leave town for a month, so that left her grandma all alone in the house.

My parents learned of this and had her grandma stay at our house, because she was old and frail and they didn’t want her spending the weekdays all alone in a big house. She stayed in my sister’s room, since it was the only empty room in the house, and sometimes Sama would come over on the weekends to check up on her grandma. One time in particular, we told Sama to just spend the weekend at our house, and she did.

My mom asked if she wanted to sleep with her grandma in my sister’s room or sleep in my room. At first I thought she was going to say my sister’s room, but she said my room. It was cool too, since we then spent the first night talking about our childhood and reminiscing and laughing while I slept on the floor of my room, and she slept on my bed. The second night, we did pretty much the same thing, talk late into the night about all sorts of stuff.

Somewhere along the line she was talking about how she didn’t like nose or something, and I responded that I thought she was very pretty and extremely attractive. She giggled at the thought, thinking I was just being nice, but I reiterated to her that she really was very beautiful, and that I would think she would get all sorts of guys.

She then told me about her past relationships, and somewhere along the line, the topic of sex came up. We were whispering now, since we didn’t want my parents overhearing us from upstairs or anything, and we traded back in fourth about what we had done and liked and such. One interesting tidbit I found out was that Sama loved giving head.

I jokingly responded that I loved getting head, to which she laughed and said maybe I’ll get lucky. This raised my eyebrow for a second, so I decided to keep this up and told her that if she saw that I had morning wood when she wakes up, to go ahead and take care of it for me. This caused her to laugh out loud, and she quickly covered her mouth after she realized how loud she was.

She then responded by saying that she would, winking her eye. We both laughed and continued the conversation, all the while, me thinking we were just fooling around. Eventually we both got tired and fell asleep.That night I remember having a sexy dream. I think all the talking about sex turned me on and was reflected in my dreams that night. I woke up in the morning, and noticed I was erect like a rock.

I was sleeping on my stomach, so I rolled up onto my back, and dozed back to sleep. I think I slept for another hour, even though it only seemed like a moment, and I woke up to a shivering feeling. I was still on my back, so when I woke up, I looked down towards my feet and couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. I knew I felt something when I woke up, and was shocked to see my penis in my cousin’s mouth.

My eyes were wide open, and I just couldn’t believe what was happening. She was sucking away, my dick being covered in saliva. I could feel her tongue pressing against the bottom of my shaft, almost as if she was licking it like an icicle. She then noticed I was now awake and watching, opened her mouth with my penis still inside and smiled. She then got up a little bit, and began to talk to me.

While she rubbed my penis up and down she told me how when she woke up and went to the bathroom, she noticed I was erect in the morning. I told her I thought she was joking last night, to which she responded she was. She then said though that when she saw my boner sticking like a tent pole under my blanket, she couldn’t help herself. She then went back to sucking, and I just couldn’t complain. I laid back and just let it al soak in. She was like a sex machine, sucking furiously and even deep throating it a couple times.

She fondled my balls while she blew me, which made me almost squirm, it felt so good. It didn’t take long before I began to climax, and I told her I was about to shoot. She just kept on sucking, and gave me a thumbs up with her right hand. I then let out a big breathe, and began to cum. As my cum gushed into her mouth, she closed her eyes and took it all.

She then sucked the tip of my penis, getting ever last drop, and ultimately motioned towards me to watch her swallow it, which she did in one big gulp.She then crawled closer to me, and asked me if I had a condom. I was now in disbelief. I asked her if she was asking me if I wanted to have sex, and she said she was too horny now and wanted it. I said that I really wanted to now, but my parents were home and I didn’t want to take the risk.

She then told me they weren’t home, and that they must have taken her grandma with them. I listened for a few seconds and didn’t hear anything so I believed her. I then went into my underwear drawer and pulled out a Trojan. We then got on the bed, and I told her to wait a little bit so I could get hard again. She said she had no patience, and began to take her clothes off.

At the sight of her boobs bouncing out from under her shirt, my penis began to spike up again. They were perfect, her brown nipples all tight and hard from arousal. She then took off her bottoms and I saw her nicely clean shaven pussy, making me even harder. I was now almost erect and ready to go already, but she sped things up by massaging my leg and then my throbbing member.

I was now sporting a big boner, and I opened up the condom package and slid it on. She then gently pushed me my chest down, onto my back on my bed and leaned it, telling me to relax and just let her do all the work. I stuttered in agreement and did what I was told.Sama then sat on her knees above me in my bed. She slowly lowered herself on to my prick, and as soon as I was in, began to grind away.

She laid close to my body, towering over me, her breast bouncing and shaking in my face. I put my hands around her waist, and began moving my arms up and down her back; all the while she rode me in rhythm. I then finally got my hands on her jugs, seizing one in each hand, slightly squeezing. I rubbed her nipples and the rest of her boobs, blown away at how soft and smooth they were.

I then put my hand on her ass, it was so tight and round. Her whole body was so silky smooth, and I mentioned that as she looked down on me, her hair slightly in her face smiling and slightly moaning. She then began to breathe very heavily, grinding faster and faster, her ass moving like a piston. It was too intense, and before I knew it, I felt like I was going to cum. I tried to resists, trying to concentrate on her tits instead, but I could only prolong it, not stop it. I eventually came, and I think she knew, but she didn’t care.

She was really going at it, and continued to ride me like a cowgirl, even though I was beyond sensitive at this point. My penis almost ached, I was so sensitive. She just kept going and going, faster and faster. And then, she orgasm, her mouth wide open, her body almost frozen. She then let out a deep breath, tossed her hair back, and grinned from ear to ear. I told her I had cum and I was really sensitive, so she slowly moved up and guided my penis out with her left hand.She then rolled over and lay beside me.

She turned her head towards me, still smiling, and asked if it was good. I was so blown away at how amazing it was, I was near speechless, so I nodded in agreement. She let out a small giggle, as I then pulled off the condom and turned on my stomach again. Her chest was still heaving, as she was slightly out of breathe, which I couldn’t blame her as I would be tired if I did what she just did to me.

I then put my left hand and laid it on her stomach, and then slowly hand walked up her body to her right breast, making circles with my index finger around her nipple. I then looked her in the eye, told her she was amazing and that sex was unreal. She thanked me, and then I thanked her. Eventually, we both got up and put our clothes back on, trading naughty glances.

After we were all cleaned up and changed, we looked at the clock, it was almost noon. We then quickly went to the kitchen and had cereal so it looked like we had wakened up on time to my parents. Over breakfast, I joked that we should do this again, referring of course to the sex. She smiled and agreed, and we actually did have sex, among other things, more than a handful of more times. But of course, the first time is one of the most memorable.
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