My Mom’s Ass In The Open
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Hello everyone, this is Rajiv, 19 years old. I have a story of my mother Raji. My mother is a typical Indian housewife,39years old, light brown in color, nice pair of breasts covered by her 38inch bra and a massive breathtaking big ass. There is much of her panties at home as she rarely wears them and some of them are tagged 100cms while some are 105cms. Guess the later set of panties was brought in bigger size due to her ever growing ass globes. My father works for a private company and we lead a peace full life in quiet remote area.

My sexual desires for my mom started when I was at my early 18’s , I do not remember since what incident I fell for my mom, but over the past few years I am left alone thinking of how she would look like in various stages of nudity. My mom’s shaking butts were a nice fuel to make me cum more whenever I masturbated. Those pair of soft fleshy and heavy meats had many eyes glued to them where ever my mom went. It was in my 12th grade that I came across many incest friends online, many would say how they used their door holes to watch their mother’s bath.

How they spy on her dressing and how their mothers shaved their pussy. I knew i was very unlucky to live in a house with no door holes and I was not able t help but hear their stories. My first chance of watching mom nude came when I was doing my engineering. I usually sleep late in my room, in the third floor, and mom was used to getting up very early and going for a very long, tiresome walk. One day for now reason I woke up early around 5am, and was looking through the window in half sleep.

Then I had to rub my eyes and get closer to the window to see my mom walk on the next street, the impact of her walk on her ass was evident even from such long distance, the bright street lights allowed me to see how her ass giggles when she walks real fast. Suddenly to my amazement mom stopped walking and looked on either sides. Then after a brief pause she went quickly disappeared into the bushes.

I did not understand this act. Our area has a lot of places with bushes where poor people come in the morning for a pee and shit. Of my mom had a urgent sense to pee that she was not able to resist but get the help of some bushes. I thought I would have been a real great sight had mom split out her pee in the corner of the road, giving a glance of her body to me. The very simple fact that my mom was peeing in the open made my cock hard. I waited for her to some out of the bushes; she took a lot of time for a pee, had I lost her? Has she resumed her walk on the other side,

I had my eyes fixed there for around fifteen minutes when I saw her appearing. She had her legs spread as she walked, her hands were inside her saree and it looked look like she was correcting her panties. What a sexy pose, I had my hand in my tool and had an instant coming. As days went by, this scene was my object of masturbation, I imagined how my mom would lift her saree in the open to split out her golden waters. After a week or so, I again caught my mom doing the same act, my mom is used to pee in the open? I thought I should see her ass when she pees one day for sure.

From that day, I was used to getting up early and often i see my mom disappearing into the bushes for an urgent pee. Within a couple of weeks I have decided to go for a walk every morning, hopefully follow mom without her knowledge and take a peek at her pee style. Next morning I got up early and waited for my mom to start walking. After a minute or so I started my journey behind her, there were not many people on the roads and I tried to keep a distance behind her, the street lights gave me an erotic view of her ass globes shaking in perfect rhythm.

I wondered how her twin butts had an harmony of shake as she walked. My heart was racing as she came near the usual place where she used to hide up herself into the bushes, only to be disappointed she did not even pause her walk there and headed straight. I would not give up too soon, i wanted a sight of her pee badly, I decided to follow her every day. I was not made to wait long, the very next day, as I was some twenty yards behind her, she paused her walk as she neared the bushes. She then looked around to see if anyone was on sight, but i was in darkness so she did not spot me.

When she went inside, I tip toed in to the bushes in the same way she had gone. Inside the bushes there was quite a lot of free space, a small vacant space. The space was guarded from the roads by the big bushes on either side and a house on the other side. There was little light but I spotted my mom standing on the other side of the ground facing the wall of the house. I did not understand what she was actually doing. I took very nice place behind a bush hidden from all possible views.

To my astonishment my mom’s side became suddenly bright as the side lights of the house were switched on. Mom was looking over the house as if expecting someone. What is she looking for?, what is she doing?.I did not have to wait long for my answer. I saw a young boy, may be a little younger than me jump out of the walls of the house. He was wearing a shirt and a little shorts.

Was my mom a slut, was she having an affair with a young boy, that too in the open? As I was feeling shocked, mom went straight to him and they started hugging each other, I had the view from the back side. The boy was a little short than mom and so she had to bend her legs a little to reach his lips. Then followed a long lip lock, both of them were tightly hugged and my mom almost lifted him out of the ground, then the boy started working on her breasts, his hands were all over her body and his face was buried in between her huge blouse.

His thrust over my mom was so high that she eventually sat back on the ground and the boy was in between her legs which were now spread wide. Mom told his something and the boy started removing his shorts and underwear, mom mean while was removing the buttons of her blouse ,the boy then came hard over her pushing her and her was lying above her now, they were licking each other crazy before mom pushed him and came to a sitting position. I was able to see a part of her naked breasts as they shone brightly in the streetlight.

Then both of them got up and worked their way to the wall of the house, my lifted her saree, removing her panties giving me a compete view of her huge ass cheeks. My mom lent over the wall, standing very close to it with her hands holding the inner walls for support, hence coming in a doggy position. The boy positioned himself behind her, I thought he was trying to find her glorious pussy hole. Then their bodies started to move in a rhythmic manner, there were lot of conversations between them but I was not able to hear it clearly.

I almost came on my pants when my mom raised her legs very high so as to allow access to his more of his meat inside her. They did not last too long, i thought they had a mutual cum. Both of them collapsed on the ground one over the other. It was a very erotic position to watch, my mom’s inner thighs and her black panties brought down to her knees were clearly visible. She had one leg wide on the ground and another in mid air, and the boy was in between them.

Both of them were aware of their surroundings, constantly looking away and were concerned if someone was around. The boy then got up and leaned on the other side opposite to my mom as if showing his cock to an hungry slut, sure my mom was behaving like one the way she took his cock in her pussy, and the way she presented herself to him, it looked like she would do anything for some cum. My mom got up and pulled her panties inside, she eventually went on her knees and bended over to the boy’s cock, he caught her head and guided her mouth to his shaft and it was like a routine job for the two.

Mom’s blow started to grow faster as the boy leaned back and I was able to see her mouth pumping over his shaft. I could say the boy came very hard by his reactions, both of them got up and they were dressing up quickly. Then they were talking for some time before he made his way to his house jumping over the wall. Mom resumed adjusting her saree, the way she corrected her blouse over her breasts was so erotic. I stayed there for a while and resumed my walk towards my house after sometime.

Back home I was just not able to stop but think of my mom’s slutty actions with an young boy at least half her age, I always fantasized my mom to be a cheap slut. But I did not even guess she would be one in real life. I thought my own plans to taste her flesh. I even made some dialogues and remembered them; yes I wanted to blackmail her to giving her slut hole to my cock. My mom was very normal that day, she went through her usual works and cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and she was just any other housewife,

One would not say she was a cock loving bitch from her innocent face. I had my plans and actions well prepared before I approached her. I was not able to wail long, I decided I would go for my slut the very next day afternoon. It all started when my mom called for lunch, I was on a holiday and I was sure I would be alone till night with mom until dad comes from office. Before we started eating, I began the conversation with a shaky. Afraid voice,”mom, how is your morning walk feeling?”

She replied in a cool way,“ nice dear, but feeling a bit cold these days, dad told me you have started walking day before yesterday, it’s a good thing .”.I pounced on the occasion “so you do make some things to make yourself hot, I mean ‘warm’ is that not it mom?”.I could see a sense of horror run through her eyes for a movement, what is she was caught, seemed to be on her mind. She replied that she has to bear with the cold in a very weak voice. I straightly came into the topic,“

I think you also look for the help of some young boys to get your needs in place”. She was shocked and her reactions gave me the confidence that I can get her mouth to taste my cock too. “ What are you talking about?”, her voice was very much broken.“ I saw you mom. do not try act smart, I saw in the bushes. How could you?, I mean. He was of my age, and what if dad comes to know about this, it is not good for our family that the mother is a free prostitute”. Tears flew down her eyes, she did not speak anything, there was silence for some time before she covered her face with her hands and cried.

She started pleading me not to make the matter known to dad and it would ruin the family. I told her I needed something in return. She instantly pounced on me that I was trying to blackmail her and she was getting used by her won son,“so. You want money from your mom ehh?”, she said, I replied money is not my need. She asked to say what I want and get everything over as soon as possible. I proceeded by placing my hands over her big butts and giving them a nice press. She pushed my hands and yelled, what are you doing, you speak as if you are a nice boy worried about dad and you act cheap.

I reacted by holding her hands, I told her I have pictures of her with the boy, and it would be posted on net, she would be a public slut then. She started weeping, she was saying something but it was not at all clear as her words came along with her tears. I said it would be between us and no one would know, I also told her I wanted to see her naked and feel her body parts but I wont fuck her without her permission. There was of response from her side, her face was hung down and tears were rolling to the floor, I lifted her face and commanded for a reply.

She nodded her head, and I instantly stood up and hugged her, my hands were all over her body, she was crying still un till I kissed her on her lips. She was trying to push me away but I was stronger, she also kept her lips closed so I had to move my mouth over her face and necks. This made her cry stronger but her pushes eventually eased. I lowered my face to her breasts and planted my hungry mouth on them, at the same time I started removing her blouse hooks. She pushed me harder and I fell over the chair.

I reacted aggressive, a slap fell on her face and she weeped loudly, but only un till I slapped her again. I asked her to follow me to the bedroom. She quietly came behind me to the room. I sat on the corner of the bed and asked to stand before me. Then i asked her to remove the pallu of her saree and come closer to me. The very next moment. moms big breasts were millimeters ahead of me. Her blouse was at its extreme limit like an elastic because of her double. I asked to remove the blouse also, she removed the first two buttons with hesitation, she than asked me to lock the front door and come.

As soon as soon as I arrived she had her blouse on the floor and she wore no bra, she had her hands covering her breasts partially. I asked her to come closer which she did, I then asked her to take her hands away. She showed no signs of movement, so I had to place my hands on her wrists and spread them. This gave my eyes a close view of her massive breasts, they were white in color with a big round nipple, and she also had thin hairs near her nipples.

I clung on to her burying my face on her flesh and hugged her tightly, she tried to resist but of no use. I was so much exited that I pushed her back, standing up from the bed, with my face on her boobs and she hit the wall behind. We were now standing with me bended a little kissing her boobs, I eventually lifted her up as I licked her. When I was finished her chest was full of my saliva. I then went back to sit on the bed, she was still leaning to the wall. I asked to come near me and show her pussy, which she did after

I let out a yell, she came near me and started lifting her saree, rolling her panties down. I could not help but slid my hands inside the back of her saree, holding her ass and pulling her towards me. The thrust was so heavy that she fell on the bed over me with my mouth sucking her pussy. I was not able to see anything, my face was covered by her saree, and I did not know how I breathed. I did this for some time and i went for her big ass cheeks. I got my face out of her saree and I pushed her on to the bed and lay over her with my face on her ass. I lifted her saree and started licking them. I just started doing this when the bell rang.

We both were freeze for a movement, mom quickly pushed me away, pulling her saree along with her panties. She asked me not to stay simply and check who was at the door, as she started wearing her blouse. I was a bit shivering as I went to the hall and opened the door, it was our neighbor who came for some clarifications regarding some papers. Mom came there, and behaved normal, I was taken aback seeing how she presented as if nothing has happened. They had some chat and the neighbor went out, mom had just closed the door, and I ran for her hugging her from her back and started rubbing her pussy.

Mom pushed me and pleaded me to stop. She said “ please go to the bedroom, I will see her man off and come there” I was waiting in the bed for a very long couple of minutes, I heard my mom lock the door and in a movement she came inside. There was complete silence throughout, mom came near me and removed her blouse and had her boobs near my face again..(to be continued) Hope you liked my story

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