Sex For Love to Deepika Padukone
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Heart  Sex For Love to Deepika Padukone
"Deepika, we are going to a function in kolkatta,are you coming with us"

"No mom,i am afraid I would not be able to come"

"Why?, it's on 25th.Will u be busy in ur shooting"

"Yes, mom."

"Then we will be leaving by 24th.Take care of yourselves and be safe.The function is important."

"What, then who would be with me"

"Your cousin Sahil,is coming here for his shooting.He would be residing in our house"

"Oh, that would be great.I hadn't seen him since 5 long years.Ya,then when will you return?"

"Well, a week later.I had told everything to the cook and the other maids.You don't worry."

It was saturday.Deepika's family went to Calicut for a function leaving her in the house.Deepika went to her bed and laid on it.She was so excited to see her cousin,Sahil.
She met him last time at a family function.She was really close with him since her childhood.Gone are those days,gone are those days when they would sleep together, gone are those days when they would prank each other. Deepika's eyes became emotive,her heart soft, her hands shaking on remembering those days of joy and love.There were talks in the family about sahil being a good bride to her.
Sahil was an upcoming actor in karnataka who was every girl's charm boy.He was well toned good height and a complete macho man.He had a contrasting emotions on his face both cute and rough which made him a different man. Sahil walking out from the airport was recieved by Deepika's driver.On his way to the house, he also recollected his experience with the scintillating beauty of the b-town.

The car stopped in the middle since sahil wanted to buy a nice gift for her.He bought the most expensive diamond ring studded with blue rubies in the middle.Then he returned to the car.The car reached it's destination and got parked in the shed.Sahil boarded out of the car and went to the entrance.He rung the bell and fast she came the vivacious babe to open the door in excitement.

"Tuck" opened the door.He came inside with a blush on his face.She closed the door and turned back to see his cousin.Both of them were seeing each other in the mist of silence.Their eyes locked deeply going to the old times. Their eyes became wet and quickly he bent down on his knees and freed his hand to give his gift.Deepika in adulation received the gift from him and opened it to see the ruby studded diamond ring."Oh it's beautiful sahil." "All for you deepika"said sahil looking her bewildered. She took the ring and gave it to him to put it in her finger.He did the same as the ring screwed over the most delicate finger in the world.Sahil's eyes were unable withstand the glowing sight of the beauty infront of him as he turned back and went to sit in the couch.Deepika was amazed at this gift and making sure he is not seeing her,kissed the ring.Sahil's eyes were excited,his whole body warm on seeing this beauty.He asked his room.Deepika pointed his finger up and said that the room next to her is his room.He then went to his room and fell on the bed thinking about her.He removed his coat and wore a tracksuit.Just as he was searching for which shirt he could wear, "Tuck"opened the door as deepika walked inside with a shirt in her hand.Sahil turned back to her bare chested.Deepika stood in awe as she saw the well toned 6 pack body of sahil."What's up Deepi?" asked sahil.Deepika stood still without replying anything. "Deepi?!!!"said sahil with a louder voice."Oh yeah nothing,I just thought of giving this shirt to wear.The t-shirt had a tatooed heart and a text "ANYTHING FOR U" on it.She gave it to him and said "Dinner is ready down" and went to the dining room.He came down and sat on the chair.They started their dinner softly but in the end they became used to each other and talked freely.
"You are the same like you were during our childhood" said sahil looking into her eyes directly.

"Oh that's not true" blushed deepika.

"They both sat on the long comfortable couch and deepika switched on the T.V.It was the Dum Maro Dum-making show which was telecasted.They showed the glamour song of Deepika in the film.Sahil on seeing the scenes closed his eyes in ecstacy as he did not believe that he was her cousin.The costume she had worn,man,made him into a wild beast but being an actor,he composed himself.He promised to himself that he would behave properly.While he was watching the preview song, Deepika slightly turned towards him to see his expressions.Feeling that she was watching her he baffled but turned to her to verify.But she pretented she was watching the T.V as she quickly turned to the T.V when sahil looked at her.They both were playing mind games against each other.
"Sahil, how am I looking in the song?" asked deepika with her teasing looks.

"What can I say, you are the only coolest girl with hottest looks, UH UHAHHHH" said sahil as both laughed at the end.Sahil was unable to control himself as his eyes went for the luscious lips of deepika which was more applealing without a lipstick.Her lips were not pure pink it was shaded with a light pink.The softest in the world thought sahil to himself.Quickly,he regained his consciousness and controlled himself.The chanell switched itself automatically as deepika's long fingers pressed the button as she was unconsciously watching sahil's cute face.As the night went on they sticked on to the movie which was serialised in the channel.Since it was a love story,a sought of, resembling theirs.The show ended and both of them went to sleep in their rooms.

"Sahil, do you remember those days we used to sleep together?Would you like to sleep with me today?" asked deepika with the enrichment of love and emotion in her eyes.

"Ya, I remeber.Those days are hard to forget.But today how can ....."babbled Sahil.

"No, I always sleep with mom, I am never used to sleep alone.Will you, please!" asked deeika.

"Ok, your wish"said sahil which was received by deepika with a cute smile to which sahil has been an addict to see those cute holes on her cheeks.

Both of them went to her room.Deepika asked him to come inside and gave him the way to the bed.They both laid on the bed.They had to use the same blanket.Sahil's body was warming up but he sticked to his promise.Both of them pretented to sleep but eventually they both plunged into a deep sleep.In the middle of their sleep, deepika's hot breath hit sahil's cheek.This made him wake up and then that's it he was not able to sleep again.His hands went for her hair but he controlled it.His lips went for hers but he controlled it.He thought that he could not back out from the promise.So, he moved down from the bed and slept on the couch nearby.

Next day deepika was annoyed at the action of sahil.But they both got compromised and went for a jog.All the time during their jogging,they bartered and became closer.As they reached the house,they were really tired and deepika just sat on the couch quickly while sahil fell on her lap.Unknowingly his head faced towards her abdominal region.Since she had wore a skirt and sat with her legs slightly spread,there was a gap.Deepika was on cloud nine when his smoking hot breath hit her thighs and stirred up her.She was unable to control "YUHHH Yuhhh" deepika moaned slightly to herself.Her ass raised a little and began to move up and down.But she controlled herself. Regaining his consciousness sahil moved away from the couch and sat in the other.

"I am sorry"said sahil

"Ya it's okay"said deepika with her sweats falling on her skirt.The day went happily for both of them as they both become so intimate.They switched on the television in the night to see the programme they watched yesterday. Since it was a romantic movie,they related themselves with the movie.The show ended with a passionate kiss from the lead rolers.Both of them got excited on seeing this. Sahil went upstairs and came down with a hat.He gave it to Deepika and asked "Do you remember it?" he asked.It was of a centimental importance in the past.He risked his life for the simple hat during a treking experience. Deepika's eyes were glossy."I love you,Sahil uum"babbled deepika as she pulled him towards her and started french kissing him.Soon he brought his hands near to her head and pushed it even more kissing her until they were in need of breath."AH AH AH AH"both of them panted as they broke the kiss."UMMM" they both kissed again."I had always loved you,Deepika"exclaimed sahil as he took her in his hands went to the room and put her on the bed.He quickly closed the door and jumped on the bed and sat near her."I love you sahil.You stole my heart"said deepika and pulled him closer and french kissed him again.His hands went behind her body so soft,caressing her slim hip.Those hands were just carving the hips which have hypnotic power as it went behind her body.His hands lifted her by her thighs and engulfed it around his waist.Now the two slim long and beautiful thighs were around his waist.Deepika broke the kiss and tossed her hair backwards and sighed Sahil."You are so sexy,Deepi" said sahil as he pushed her even more closer.Deepika legs crushed against his hips.Her fingers were caressing his cheeks,gliding them and touching them.Now Deepika's hand reached for Sahil's shirt and removed it.This gave the impetus for sahil to remove her single breast dress.She was weraing a blue bra which made him so crazy that his cock grew in inches which touched her waist.Deepika broke the kiss and gave him a naughty smile and paved the way for him to remove the dress.Deepika pushed him and made him lie on the bod so that she is on the top of him. "I always loved your luscious lips " exclaimed sahil as his hands went for her dry lips which was dry because he sucked it completely and caressed it.His fingers touched the lower lip and then went to the upper lip and then to her cheeks.While deepika was busy removing her single brast shirt as she showed the most flexible body a women can ever have to the chocolate boy which turned him even more.Witnessing this beautiful scene sahil pulled deepika down and began to kiss her again.While falling down on sahil, her breasts hit his bare chest.Now the lips played their roles and paved the way for the tongure.Deepika's tongue hit his tongue and started to caress his whole mouthby just moving her tongue so softly against his upper layer of his mouth."UMM UMM"moaned as the acoustic room reflected them softly.Quickly deepika broke the kiss and started to remove his tracks locking his eyes with hers.She then removed his underwear while he removed his bra to see those two pounding boxing bags.There came the two mountains with the highering peaks as sahil's eyes screwed on it.He got up quickly and pushed her down on the bed and took her nipples, thos rosy,soft,luscious,wet ,erect nipples and bubbled it like a chewing gum.Even though he was in a hurry to get to those niplles he licked it so softly and in a teasing manner.Just the way deepika wanted."AAAAUUVHHHH"deepika moaned as she bit her lower lips.Deepika's hands went to her hair and caressed around it in pleasure.His saliva was acting as the water service for the fiery hot nipple.His tongue circled around her nipples while his other hand was busy caressing the left breast.Then....
10-06-2014, 04:13 PM,
RE: Sex For Love to Deepika Padukone
"IICHUPP" sahil just licked and bit her breast like an hungry pup."AHHHH UUMMM"moaned deepika due to the pleasure given by sahil.Her hands went for sahil's hair and caressed it.Now, his left hand moved to her navel and pinched the skin which resulted in a moan from deepika. Then it went further down to the belly and then to her skirt.His left hand's safari came to an ultimate end as it reached it's destination, Deepika's panty.His fingers were moving softly around the pussy creating a giggling effect on deepika.But his warriors were very hot that went and stood on the panty and started to move to and fro.His fingers rubeed over the pussy instead of fingering her which gave an unique pleasure for her. For a moment sahil stopped sucking her breasts as he thought of the promise he had made to him earlier.But he decided to backout from it as he saw her cute sexy face.He now moved to her another breast and poked his tongue and began licking it.Deepika's left hand went from his hairs to her other breast which was wet like a soaked cloth. Wow,her fingers so softly moved over that nipple making it wet and spreading it which gave her an unique pleasure.She was so delicate for sahil which sahil knew and also he too was so soft and delicate.Deepika's white skin was beautified with droplets of sweat which got licked by sahil.Her right hand after caressing the hairs of sahil went down to helf sahil's hand.It joined with his fingers and started rubbing softly afainst her pussy.Deepika thought now that even rubbing like this is far more pleasureable than fingering in it.The 4 fingers, 2 from sahil's and 2 from hers were rubbing against each other and also her pussy.The touch of her beautiful soft fingers with his turned him on so much.His hands were happy to just rub against her pussy on her panty.But she was unable to withstand the pleasure and wanted it to be on the pussy.So she glided her hands to her waist and removed the knot of her panty making it to fall on the bed.His hands,the fingers now felt the real flesh,her pussy lips were being touched so softly by his fingers "HAAAAAAH" gasped deepika with the first touch made by a man on her pussy.She bit her lower lips as he rubbed her pussy with a slow pace temting her.Those pussy lips were so similar to that of her lips which was a whitish pink in colour.It was so hot that sahil felt that he do not want to hurt them.His whole body went pale on experiencing the softness and tenderness of her pussy.His mouth was engulfing the breasts and his tongue playing snookers with her erect nipples."AAAHH fuck UMM... Sahil"moaned deepika feeling the afterglow as if he had fucked her."UMM UMM CHUP" sahil sucked her breasts while his fingers were rubbing against her pussy.He was also unable to bear this experience as his cock was growing inch by inch which definitely need to be cooled.So he took her hands which was working along with the hands on rubbing those soft,lovely,bermuda triangle with his hands and brought it to his pants.Understanding his thoughts, she wanted to tease him.Therefore,her hands just rubbed her thighs over the halfly removed track suite teasing himeven more."TUGH" grew his increasing cock with new nerves bursting out from his cock.She wanted to tease to the most extent possible.Therfore her hands moved near his innerwear and returned to the thighs all the way touching the hairs of his body so softly.She thought that this was not enough to tease him and she wanted to make him a wild beast.Her fingers massed his thighs and went slowly up to the innerwear and started moving so elegantly that the tip of finger just rubs over his cloth.That too she moved her fingers apart from his cock. "Oh man this girl knows how to raise a dick" while sucking her round pounding breasts.He got frustrated a little and "AHHHHHH UMMM" deepika's moan ended as she bit her lips in pleasure with a wicked smile as a sign of her victory as sahil bit her nipple on being teased.But deepika wanted even more as her fingers were cirlcling around his innerwear.Her fingers went even more closer to the cock but retuned back to his ass and started caressing it.Sahil stopped lisking her breasts and leaned his head up and appealed to deepika seeing her face with an expression as if he was being treated as a prisoner. Deepika replied with a naughty smile and pushed his head into her cleavage as he fell on her breasts and started sucking it.Deepika's fingers travelled from the ass to his cock and touched his cock head "AHH" moaned sahil to himself.She again started to tempt him.But feeling frustrated he removed his underwear himself and took hold of her hand and brought it near his cock pleading her to jerk his cock.Her fingers encircled the base of his cock sending waves inside his body.Still, his cock was growing.She then started to jerk his cock steadily.But she would stop it then and there to tease him.Her fingers touched the shaft of his cock filled with precum juices and licked her finger.She again continued to jerk his cock."HA HAAAA UMMM SAHIL!?" maoned deepika as sahil now inserted his fingers into her soft and clean pussy.His fingers were going deeper and deeper as if it is an abyss. "AH HAHAAAAAAA Fuck u UMMMM"moaned deepika as sahil inserted his finger deep into her cunt.Feeling the pressure and pleasure,Deepika returned it by jerking his cock in a steady pace.Quickly, they came into the modd of fucking.Deepika was twisting her body left and right reacting to the unbearable pleasure given by him.Wow man when she twisted her body her curves in the hip which would make a man cum were clearly visible .Her hip was more sexy at that time.The feeling of being sucked in her breasts and also being finger fucked deeply turned her on and she was moaning in a pleasant tone.
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RE: Sex For Love to Deepika Padukone
After sucking deepika's milk tanks,sahil raised his head and locked his sexy hypnotic eye into the glittering eye of the sexy babe before him."HUUM AH you like it HUH!?" asked sahil while moaning."AHHHHHHH" deepika could not answer as she was in a pleasure of her life time as an opium eater.The aroma of the room changed from pleasant feeling to the hardcore felling.Both of them locked their smirking eyes for a while now.Deepika's hands were acting to her orders,jerking his cock which releived him a lot. After finger fucking deepika, sahil took out his fingers slowly and gazed at the coating applied on his fingers, the pre cum juices of her.As he took his fingers into his mouth while seeing deepika's glittering eyes, he was stopped by deepika.She took his hands into her mouth and tasted the coating on the index finger.Sahil was in awe and desire to lick his hands,to taste her pre cum.He was watching her all the time with his mouth open.Deepika licked it so slowly tempting him to do something.She then inserted his index finger into his mouth and let him lick it.He at once let his tongue roll over the index finger. The taste of her saliva and her cum was just a liqour with ice to him.Now when she took his index finger out, it was full of his saliva and some cum and also her saliva."UUUMMM" exclaimed deepika.She took his index finger and brought it around her nipples and started to rub his finger on it.Her nipple became wet and sticky when it was applied.Understanding her, he applied her cum which was coated on other fingers on her erect nipples with his eyes smirking on hers.His tongue was secreating saliva in huge amounts on seeing this scene.He then took his finger and licked it."HUUM you like it Sahil"asked in a husky tone,deepika.

The room was silent as if it was abandoned which suited the occassion nicely.While he was sucking her fingers like a lolli pop, she raised her body and took his head and pulled it and kissed him.She remouved his dress completely and threw it aside which smashed the locked door.Deepika as she was sitting on his waist with her legs spread around his hip,pushed him down and made him lie on the bed.She kissed him on his chest and tracelled down to his packs and went to the well shaved cock.While on her way, she licked the very upper part of his hair, teasing him more.She just glided her hands around his growing cock "AHHH AHH ISS UMM"moaned sahil.Her fingers weree not rough,they handled the shaft smoothly just caressing it.She wanted him to beg for further action. "UHHH YOU LIKE IUSS THAT.."asked deepika as she licked the shaft of his cock very lightly."AAAAHHH fuck" moaned sahil with his eyes closed in ecstacy."Please deepi don't tease me.Do something UUMM"pleaded sahil.Deepika was also anxious on sucking his cock.So she didn't waste any time. She bent down on knees,put her legs wide,and took hold his cock and squeezed it."UUUUUUMM" moaned sahil.She then opened his mouth and swallowed the mighty cock."AAAAAHHHH Fuck UUUUMMMM AAAHHH" started to moan sahil as she started to jerk his cock while sucking his."UUUM UUUM UUM UUUM" moaned deepika whenever her mouth hit his balls. "JJUP JUP ISSSSS" the sounds filled the room as sahil's hands reached for deepika's hair which blocked her.Her hands were active, her mouth was watering.her eyes were dark and looking into sahil's eyes.Sahil'c cock grew still more which pushed her mouth slightly back leaving a slight uncovered portion."UUAWWWGH" deepika pushed herself to the extreme as she began to bob up and down. The nerves were growing horribly for sahil.Deepika's mouth opened wide to suck in the cock along with the balls. Quickly sahil began to push her head down to her and started pushing it."HUWWWAH HUWWWAH"the sounds echoed from the walls as deepika's head bobbed up and down on the monster cock."Fuck you UMM UMM UMM"shouted sahil as he started to thrust her even more and more grunting like a tennis player.Their eyes were filled with both love and lust.But their love were more predominant bonding them closer than before."OH fuck she's a good suck UUUUMM, her lips teasing my cock UUUMM can't expect anything better than this.." thought sahil while deepika was engulfing the evergrowing cock with intense passion.Her tongue rubbed along with the side of his cock making it wet.Then she would suck it dry after making it wet with her tongue.Deepika sucked his cock raised her head up and freed his cock from her wet whitish lips smirking his eyes with hers raisng one of her eye brows."FOOOGH" Wow sahil would have not even dreamt about getting a blow job from the most adulating actress of THE B-TOWN."You like that, OOOOSH"asked deepika as she spurted her saliva on his cock's headwhich spread like a volcano making the cum mixed saliva to drip down from his cock head .Her lower lip,that wide sexy pinkish natural lower lip of Deepika just caressed the head of his cock by touching it with just a hairline difference.With that same hairline difference,she began rubbing her lips with his cock's head by just swaying her lips."Don't tease me, Deepika UUUUMM" the unbearable pleasure seems to have engulfed in both of them.His hands were running down on her long hair just caressing it.Deepika again engulfed his whole cock and started bobbing it."OH no don't do that again , UUUMMH AAAHHH I'm gonna cum uummm" shouted sahil to which deepika abruptly didn't listen to.She kept on playing with it."UUGHH UUGHH"the sounds exhoed across the room."NO no deepika I can't control myself take your AAAAAH fucking mouth off" said sahil who was unable to control himself.He had never ever cum for just a blowjob.But who is it here, it's B-TOWN'S most sexy girl giving a blow job,he had to cum there was no other choice.Finaaly deepika got what she wanted.She wanted to taste a man's cum.It was about to be accomplished."AAAAAAAAHHHH" moaned loudly sahil."TUGH TUGH TUGH"blowed three cannon balls from his cock straight into her mouth which was already full of cum released by his first cannon ball.Deepika's mouth opened automatically,the cum flowed out from her floodgates and dripped down her whole body.Sahil closed his eyes,raised his head up in ecstacy.The cum was still flowing from his cock.It was no way for him to control.Deepika's mouth felt the taste of the real cum.Her luscious sexy breasts looked like an oasis as it was filled with his cum.Her hands were jacking his cock,battered it hardly wanting more of that cum.
10-06-2014, 04:14 PM,
RE: Sex For Love to Deepika Padukone
"AHHHHH Oh my fuck"shouted sahil colsing his eyes and seeing the ceiling of the room.Deepika was licking his cock now to clean it up.Now it was sahil's turn.Sahil grabbed her and put her on the bed.She laid on the bed still licking her breasts to clean herself."HHOOO man, don't do that deepi?"said sahil as it turned him on again.His dick became erect again and his hands went for her breasts."UUUUMMM" sahil kissed her hands."AAAAAHHH" moaned deepika as sahil bit the skin of her breasts and licked her nipples.But his hands were going to her love triangle."u like that"asked sahil as he started finger fucking deepika. "UUUMMM OH GOD"moaned deepika as the pleasure surrounded her.Sahil inserted his sfinger to and fro in a rapid and fast motion tearing the way inside her pussy.He then laid and bend down his head to lick her pussy.He put his tongue out like a dog and started licking the love triangle."IISAAAAAAH UUUUMMM love u babe" exclaimed deepika as she was licked in her outer labia.Sahil reached his hands to her pussy and extracted the muscles wide so that it is comfortable for him to lick.He pulled the outer labia and licked it's sides."UUUUM UUUM AAAH never felt anything tastier than this deepi" said sahil as he licked it gently as if an ice is melting."OH fuck don't tease me UUUUM" deepika reached heaven but stopped by sahil as he teased her instead.The gateway to heaven was closed to her.She was desperate for a hard fuck.Her minds went to the times when she masturbated.She begin to think of the wild sex she wanted to have.Her whole body was fiery as a phoneix.The hip was decorated by her curves.The room was decorated by her soft sexy moans.

"AAAAAAHH" shouted deepika as sahil pulled her outer labia even more and spurted on it and then licked it hungrily.The sweats on her chin fell on her breasts, touched the nipples and then came down to her slim sexy hip and got stored in her belly.Deepika's hands went down to catch hold of sahil's hair and it also did. Sahil took his other hand and started rubbing her inner labia softly."AAAHHHH UUMMM AH AH AH"moaned deepika synchoranizingly to each rub.Then he stopped his licking and then rubbed the inner labia with the outer labia."AAAAAAAHHHHHHH THE FUCK UUGGGH UMMMM no no.." thw words begin to tumble as she became wet.The sweats were coming as avalanches and some reached the pubic region which sahil licked. The rubbing of the inner labia with the outer labia sent wave shocks inside her body.A very little pre cum juice to the much delight of sahil.He poked his tongue out and tasted the precum juice."AHHHHH MY FUCK no no mmmmmm" moaned deepika as sahil licked the vaginal hole when drinking the juice.Sahil then kissed her vaginal hole and rubbed his mouth with her vaginal hole.He spurted on it again and licked the inner labia.he then licked the most sensitve part of a women's body , the clitoris."AAAAAAHH UUUMMM FUCK FUCK UMM AAAH AAHH"maoned deepika to each lick given by sahil.He sucked her clitoris.Oh my god, deepika was cuddling around like a kid her legs were not still, her hips were twisting and turning.Her curves were visible so clearly."I'm gonna cum cumAAAAAH UUUUM UUUUGHG" shouted deepika as she cum into sahil's waiting mouth.Sahil still licked that soaked pussy of hers.He then went for the G_spot which made her horny again."UUUUM UUUUM" moaned deepika to sahil's licking.

"Sahil,no just come up AAAHHH and fuck me.I need a cock now.My pussy needs your cock and cum.UUUUM"moaned deepika as she began twisting her legs.Sahil stood up and smirked her eyes."UUUUM All is fair and square now"said sahil."R u ready?" asked deepika.Before she could say that sahil rammed his cock into her."THUG" the cock went inside her pussy smoothly."Show that you are a man sahil AHHHH" tempted deepika.Sahil supported himself with his hands and started thrusting his cock deep inside."I am gonna AAAH AHHH"sahil was unable to speak as he began thrusting his cock further down her pussy.Deepika bit her lips in pleasure as his cock went deep inside her pussy.Both of them were feeling the heat now.THey went breathless even though the pace was very slow.Sahil with all his might increased his pace to a trmendous extent and continued with that hot pace."THUMP THUMP THUMP" "AHHH AAHHH AHHHH" the sounds matched corectly as both locked their eyes one another. "UUUUM AAAH FUUUCK UUUMMM"moaned deepika as she closed her eyes in ecstacy.Her abyss was covered by the mighty cock.Sahil bend himself back slightly and lifted deepika so that she has more pressure over his cock."Bang me deepi, please bang me" pleaded sahil.Sahil grabbed her by her ass and started pumping her.Deepika herself was now pouinding upon his cock."CHUP CHUP CHUP" the sounds of their thighs clashing against each other roared across the room."AAAAAH FUCK FUCK AHHH. This is so nice,Sahil uuuumm"deepika said as she pumped on his cock wildly."I had never AAAAAHHHH thought that sex UUUUMMMM sex UUUUUMAAAHH sex gives this much pleasure"said deepika as she kept on moaning unable to bear the pleasure and pain.Sahil kept trying to bite her breasts whenever she comes down to bang himHe kept on his hands on her waist and began pumping her more hard.Both of them were on their highest of their moods."UUUUUM UUUUM I'm gonna cum!!!!" exclaimed both of them."Wait for a few strokes,dear"shouted sahil as he wanted to the most of the best oppurtunity.His cock was at it's peak, the nerves were bulging across the skins.The testes unleashed it's flood.Deepika was unable to bear it.She bit her lips herself so hard to control for a few strokes.Her pussy was throbbing, waiting to cum."SPLASH"both of them cum together which resulted in a intense orgasm.Both of them left their control and fell on the bed.Finally,Deepika asked "Sahil, Is there anything other than sex to expose our love?"

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