Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
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Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
One day shreya was sitting at her flat just recalling her last concert at new holland and a sex experience with a stranger who made her his own sex slave she recalled that bondage room and its every little part of that room just one word wondering in her brain that was 'until next time' her heart was pounding feeling so hot. She went to her bedroom and close the door and dispatch her clothes and started masterbuate her pussy. She took the purple dildo from drawer and fucking herself with it she was as hot as hell she was fucking herself very fast with her long dildo she was on the rage of her orgasm and at the end she orgasmed so high she felt relaxed and tired she asleeped naked.
After some time
she wokeup and wore her clothes she went to kichen for some eat and then her phone rung she picked up the phone . This was a call from new holland they want from shreya to perform a live concert in febrary month a 25 days megaevent. they said they can give any give any amount for this megaevent shreya felt happy and execpt thier perposal of megaevent the deal was final she said that she want one weak empty and that was a valentine weak they said they also want that but she has to stay there on love day weak she ecepted and end the call.

shreya rocked the stage at newholland and was very happy there are 3 days left in valentine week she wanted to do some shopping for love week she went to market she baught very expencive dresses and makeup kits ext ext. In one shop she saw a man she was very surpriced b'coz he was that stranger who blackmaled and fucked her last time in bondage room she knew very well that he had her nude fucking images and new bondage images also she recalled that how he blackmaled and fucked her and tell her that he can call her whenever he want and she had to go him and be his own submessive and dominated sex slave she was afraid what would she do if he call her again. She thaught she have to go back at hotel and stay there before she could do anything the stranger saw her and shreya got afraid what would she do now she acted to live normal and tried to oviede eye contact with him. The man understood the mental status of shreya and smiled he called her name and went to her shreya had to stop there and meet him here is there conservashions.
Stranger: hello miss Shreya Ghoshal.
Shreya: hello. 
Stranger: how are you miss ?
Shreya: i am fine thankyou.
Stranger: when you come here?
Shreya: from january 30st.
Stranger: mam i am your big fan i want to meet you. You don't know how happy i am to see you its my good luck i meet you today i can't explain my happiness in words oh my god you are so beautiful and pretty.
Shreya ghoshal blushed and felt ashamed. She thought he is a good actor she looked straight into his eyes he blinked his right eye and smile. Shreya smiled and looked down for a minute and then said thanks to him. He said he want give a treet to her with one cup of cofee and also want talk to her. Shreya tried to say no but gave an angry look to her and convince her by saying that he know she will come unless he would. Shreya pleaded him by her eyes but he didn't ready to hear no. In the end shreya said ok for cofee. he smiled and said ok let's go.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
they went to parking lot. shreya followed him. he opened his car's door for her shreya sat in the car. he went to driver seat. He said to shreya let's talk about business. Shreya said ok and he started the drive. On the way he said to shreya open the drawer of car shreya opened and find a file. She picked up the file he said to open and see it she did as he said she got surprised images of herself nude purple dildo in her pussy. Some are her fully nude with bondage stuff and other are her mouth full of ball gag and cum on her face. She was stairing at the images and start weeping and said please don't do this to me give all data of herself to her he said there is a mini laptop in drawer take and start that and open e drive there is onother surprise for her she did as he said and found her fucking videos in that every video was full lenthy she sirprised and scared her eyes were full of tears. He said her to calm down he would give all stuff to her but she have to do something for him. Shreya said she will do everything to her but she want all stuff + stop all captures in future. he agreed and said he saw her at her live concert at filpinees and from then he wanted to fuck her and fully enjoy her beautiful silky body and he went mumbai and give money to her seceority officer and with his help he fitted the hidden camara in her home and flat and he also found her 7 inch dildo. Shreya got surprise that how he trapped her and got what he wanted. she said what he want he said he gave all of her images to her today with negatives but he wanted blowjob and titfuck from her. shreya exepected and want images and negatives now but he said he would give her after enjoy her hot body. but he gave her two emages in car and said she can trust him and enjoy his 7 inch hard cock. they arived at 5 star hotel and take cofee and went to his room.

They intered in the room he offered a seat to her. Shreya sat on sofa and stared at the room and all things in room. He said shreya to relax and take a rest for sometime. He started the talk with her there conservashion is here
stranger : i am richard gomes basicaly from london i am a softwere enginior and single persen love sex and enjoy its feeling before shreya he did sex with bondage girl keira only for one time and after shreya he never try this with any girl he loved her body and her sucking skills and wanted to do sex with her for full life he wanted to fuck her very hard and got blowjobs from her. Shreya felt ashamed and sirprised after know his feeiings for her.
Shreya : i am not pornstar or whore i am a well reputeted singer superstar and from good indian family.
Stranger : then how you adicted in sex
shreya : this is a secrate and she didn't want to say him
stranger : but i want to know 
shreya : ok , listen i was 18 years old one day i saw my mom dad sex and i also wanted to do that i mastrubated and cum but did'nt satisfied next day i went to college and in afternoon went to studio of vishal shekhar i was in blew dress and vishal was alone there he was watching blewfilm in studio in that movie the girl was sucking man's cock i cried in surprise and he caught me and i did my 1st sex then and loose my virginity this way i adicted to sex
stranger : wow hot now take a bath i give u a dress be ready and come to me let's enjoy the sex.
He gave red goun and make up kit to shreya and she went to bath
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
after take a bath shreya went to his bedroom she wore a hot red goun she looked so sexy in that goun. She saw him lie on bed there eyes met they both smiled she went to dressing table and open the makeup kit and found red lipstick and put it on her rozy lips she was busy in readiness ricgard asked shreya which cock you firstly sucked? who was the lucky guy? Shreya said he was a south music diractor. He was very young and he taught her how suck the man's cock but she perfectly sucked vishal dadlani's cock. After some makeup and readiness she went to bed and at the edge of bed she stopped and look at richard and said can i enjoy the real fuck also she want fulfil his desire. Rechard was happy and said you can go home after valentine day. Shreya exepected and smiled. She said every part will performed in parts. Now come and enjoy the feeling of sex

Rechard got up and took shreya's hand in his hand and kissed. He took her in his arms and made sit on bed and climbed on bed. shreya looked down. He come close to shreya held her face took up and go for kiss her but shreya turned her face to left he turned her face and tried to kiss her again but she again turned her face from him he again tried this time shreya pushed him back . He lied on back he was surprised and look at shreya. She was smiling and blushing. he got up and go to kiss her again shreya tried to push him this time he held her hands and move to her rozy lips shreya tried to avoide and turned her face to left and right. He pushed her back she lied on bead he come over her and go for kiss her he came close her there breaths met knelt down to her lips shreya closed her eyes he kissed her lips. Shreya opened her mouth for him and enjoy the kiss they kissed for 10 minutes and rechard feel her body with his hands he grabbed her boobs and fondeled them over the goun.

his hands went to the nob of goun. Trying to open it. he was busy in kissing and sucking her rosy lips. with his one hand he tried to open the nob and other was fondeling her big soft boobs. after some time he broke the kiss but keep fondel her boobs over the goun. he saw at shreya. she was laying on bed under him. her hair were silki black eyes shut wet juisy red lips and enjoying touching and fondeling boobs. trying to cantrol her braith and his hands she looked so sexy in that position. He wanted to play with her he stopped his action on boobs but still his hand on her right boob shreya opened her eyes looked at him he was smiling she gave a blush and tried to get up but he just then he fondeled her boob shreya moaned in very low voice he stopped again he was happy and enjoying playing with her he immigatly opened the nob of her goun and started unbutten her goun.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
He started unbutten her red goun. he open first two buttens with one hand and other was on her boob. He again started kissing her. held her hand and move down to his pant. Shreya broke the kiss and and give him light push and trying to releave her hand. He strongly held her hand and put it on his cock over the pant. shreya started fondle his cock on the pent he moaned and start unbutten her goun again he opened 3rd butten of her dress. her red bra exposed. He bent down and kissed her exposed body shreya removed her hand from his cock and pushed him back from her and get up. Richard also got up and sit infront of her. They both smiled. shreya kissed him and started remove his clothes.

She broke the kiss go to unknot his tye remove from his neck and throw on floor now go to unbutten his shirt and remove from his body she looked at him he was smiling. She moved her hand on his chest and pinched on his nipple he moaned at her action shreya giggled and move her hand on other nipple and pinch he again moaned. She went near his nipple and take it in her mouth and start sucking it he moaned on that shreya planted kisses on his chest richard moved his hand in her goun and fondled her tits over the bra. shreya removed belt unbutten and unzip his pant moved her hand to her underwear touch his penis and moved her hand on it in slow motion. She pushed him back he lied on bed shreya removed his pant from him and leave him lie naked on bed just in underwear. Shreya saw a blug in his underwere and smiled at him. She came over him kissed on his lips went down to his chest kissed on his nipples, chest and nevel he enjoyed her every action. Shreya sat on her knees between his legs. He saw at her she was looking so hot in that position. She was sitting there. Her hair were on her boobs red goun slipped from her soldiers exposed bra's straps from there her eyes were full of lust and her hands were moving on his thights

He held her hands and put them on his underwere and said common shreya remove it. Shreya did as he said and made him stark naked. his hard cock jumped in air as she removed last pease of cloth from him. she took his cock in her hand and start giving a massaage with her soft hand she did that for some time and after that start stroking in slowmotion. She moved her hand on his long shaft and giving him instant pleausure of forplaying. She looked at him there eyes met he gave a hint what he wanted shreya understood and laid on bed between his legs facing his cock. She came close to his cock her hands were on his cock boobs pressed on his inner thights and face was close at his cock he could feel her brathes on his 7 inch rock hard cock. Shreya started play tricks with his cock she pinched on his balls and inner thights make him moan loud that she slapped on his cock and moved it up and down. He moaned loud everytime he asked her to stop playing and take it in her mouth but shreya nodded her head in no and get up and sit on her knees between his legs.

Rechard got up held her head guide her to his cock but she pushed him releave herself from him get down from bed and stepping backword from bed and went near sofa set with smiling face. Shreya stopped there call him with hint of finger he got up and go to her shreya ran and rechard follow her caught her from behind took her in his arms and went to bed made her sit and open the last butten of goun remove it from her and throw at a side on floor shreya was now in bra and panty and looking very sexy he got down from bet and stood infront of her his huge dick was facing her she took his dick in her hand stroked little and feel his surge she saw him there eyes met he held her head with one hand and guided her to his dick shreya kissed on it and stand up and said him to sit he sat on bed bent back and moved his hands on bed shreya went on her knees sat on floar took his cock in her hand stroke him bent down and give a kiss on it moved her hand to and fro make him moan

richard unhooked her bra and remove it from her. Shreya was now in red panty he held her arms and make her stand removed her panty make her fully naked and take a look of her sexy body. Shreya was looking very sexy her hair were on her back pretty face nice pair of big boobs pretty slim neval smoothy and hair less pussy. Her body was hot slim well shaped and toned. Rechard made a comment on her "oh my god you are a sex goddes everyone want to have you in his bed" shreya feld ashamed and blushed at his coment. Rechard moved his one hand to her tits and other to her smooth shaved pussy.

He slidded his finger in her fuckhole and start fingerfuck her make her moan in pleause sucked her tits fondle them and move to her ass crease and fondle ass cheaks. Slapped on them make her yelp in pain. Shreya moaned on his acts He stopped his put hands on her soldiers apply some forse and give her hint to go down. Shreya went down sit down on knees between his legs he came to edge of bed bent on back move one hand back and sit his rockhard cock infront of her she took his cock in hand stroke it start kissing his thights innerthits and tummy went near his balls kissed them and move to shaft kissed everywere on it she moved to tip kissed there and licked there with her toung open her mouth and take his cock deap in her mouth hear his sigh of pleasure.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
Shreya closed her eyes and start blowing his cock used her saliva and bobing her head to and fro her hand moved his balls crease them while sucking take all his cock in her mouth till the end and come back to tip sucked on it and make him shiwar he was very pleased that shreya ghoshal sucking his cock. He saw his cock apearing and disapearing in her mouth creased her cheek with hand. Shreya looked at him while sucking cock.
Rechard moaned and said 
"oh yeah you are doing so well. suck it babe. Oh yeah common aaaaah love your slutty mouth. aaah yes suck it ummmm. You are lookim so hot. Shreya stopped sucking but not remove his cock from her mouth. looked up at him and give a pat on his thights. continued her job.

She moved her hands on bed bent down and taking his cock deep in mouth stopped there moved her toung on it went back to tip in slow motion. He moaned in pleasure"Oh yeah this is a real suck i this is a skill suck it like this oh yeah wow you are a good sucker oh my god love your slutty mouth o my god aah yes"shreya looked at him to see his expressions and continue sucking. He was in heavan enjoying the blowjob. Shreya went on his balls take them in mouth start sucking them her hand move on his shaft from up to down. He loved her tricks. She went to cock licked tip with tounge take it in her mouth start suck there he groaned on her acts moaned and start playing with her tits.

Her hair were on back eyes closed long shaft in mouth bobing head to and fro nice pare of tits looking dam sexy in that position. He could'nt cantrol himself held her hair pushed her head down. She understood and start deepthroat him. He moaned"oh yes common yeah oh my god suck it hard make me cum wow aah yes haaa oh my god yeah baby" she heard his moans start sucking it hard her seleva start drop on balls. he pushed his cock deep in her mouth give her hint that he is on his peak shreya removed his cock.stroked it hard. he shouted i am cuming. shreya oqen her mouth. ejucated his cum spurts in her mouth wiped his cock with her lips shreya closed her mouth and swollowed his cum clean her lips with tounge look up at him and smiled.

Rechard gave a good look at respond her smile and took her smiling face in his hand and said "wow you are looking so sexy i love your sucking skils you are such a good sucker i am lucky i have you for suck my cock" he held shreya from arms and make her stand take a look of her silki body and said let me suck your hot boobs. She came close him and he took her right boob in mouth and start suck it. Shreya moaned on that wrapped her arms around his neck and let him suck her boobs. His one hand fondle her left boob while sucking her right nipple. His other hand was arround her waste and crease her arse. He started eat her nipple pinched on other at same time make her moan in pain. He liked her moans and cries. He sucked and eat her boobs one by one make her moan and cry.

He moved his hand on her pussy lips enter his finger in her fuckhole. Shreya moaned and make a sound"aauch". He heard her moan and start fingerfuck her she moaned like hell he increased his spead shreya start moaning in pleasure she was making high sounds like "aah oh iih aah ummm oh" after some fingerfuck and boob suck he stopped. got up from bed pull shreya close to him and made her sleep on bed come over her kiss and suck her juicy lips. went to her tits kissed them and sucked them. move down to her sexy nevel kissed there move his tounge on it and lick there. "ummmm" Shreya let out the moan in pleasure. He heard her moan look up at her smiled and start lick her nevel again.

He moved down from her nevel to tummy kissed there shreya make a sound aaah. he heard her moan he started kiss on her tummy. Shreya moaned on his every act he stopped kissing her. got up from bed sit on floar pull her on edge of bed took her legs fold them up and open her thights. shreya did'nt stop him let him do what he want. He started kissing on her thights go down while kissing.he kissed on her inner thights move his tounge there. Shreya moaned on every act. He stopped his acts went back he looked at her pussy love juices oozed from there he touched her clit with his finger. Shreya let out loud moan he went back to her pussy and give a kiss on it hear her moan open her pussy lips put his mouth on it.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
He gave a kiss on pussy held her thights with hands fold them up make her pussy fully exposed. bent over her open pussy lips with one hand put his mouth on her and move his toung on her clit. She moaned as he did. He heard her moan and start sucking her juicy cunt. moved his toung on clit and also on pussy lips. took her clit in mouth suck there and move his toung from up to down make her moan. Shreya moved her hands to his head push deep in thights. He understood move his hand to her fuckhole insert middle finger in and start stroking it in and to and fro and sucking her clit. This made shreya ghoshal mad in pleasure.

Rechard continued his job fingered and sucked her hard shreya moaned loudly like"aah o my god oh oh my god siiii aaah oh umm oh aaau iiih ahh aaauch mmmm ha oh"rechard smiled at her moans. She shouted"i am cuming i am cuming"he started fingring her deep in full spead move his face near her fuckhole she shouted"aaaaaah oh my god"raised her hips and cum. He opened his mouth as she cum take her juices in mouth and happily drink all. went over her kiss her on lips make her suck her own juices . He got up from her sit on bed at one side take her in arms pull her up on bed make her sleep correctly. He laid next to her Shreya moved her legs on bed and look at him.

Rechard gave a smile to her she smiled in responce.
Rechard : how r you feeling?
Shreya : tired.
Recgard : did you like what i do?
She looked at frount in shyness and move her head in yes and blush. 
he turned her face to him kiss her on lips put his hand on boobs fondle them. He broke the kiss but keep playing with her tits 
Rechard : do you like it?
Shreya noded her head in yes.
Rechard : say yes or no in words.
Shreya : yes. 
He took her hand and put it on his semi erect cock she took his cock in hand and move her hand up and down on his shaft. 
Rechard : do you like it?
She smiled in shyness.
Shreya : yes its so beautiful never see a big cock like him in intire life.

Rechard : oh realy thanks you make me proud.
Shreya : i am hungry.
Rechard woke up from bed took his mobile and ordered a food for them. Shreya : whats the time.
Rechard : nine o clock.
Shreya surprised that she spend 5 hours in his room. She got up from bed took her red goun from floar and move to washroom take a bath and come back in goun. Rechard also took bath and come just in towel. He wore his shirt. They looked at each other and smiled. shreya sat on sofa rechard also sit there in front of her and shreya could see the bludge in his towel. The door bell rung he got up and move to door shreya called him from back he turned back she gave a hint to his croach. He adjusted his bludge and open the door.

He got there food from waitor pay the bill and come back with food. He found shreya giggels at him he looked at her blink his eye and move to dinning table adjusted things on that call her for dinner. Shreya got up and move to dinning table look at him blushed at him. he gave her chair she sit and he sit infront of her. He served the things in plates give one to shreya and both start eat there meal while eating they looked at each other and blushed the dinner was awesome after dinner he took plates from table and move to kichen shreya followed him and stop him and start clean the plates after that she cleaned the dinning table after that both went to sofa set sit infront of each and start talking.

Rechard : what are you thinking?
Shreya : i am thinking how can i trust you if you break your promise what should i do?
Rechard : then what do you want?
Shreya : disconnect all cameras.
Richard : ok i will. But you have to give me small interveiw.
Shreya : what kind of interview?
Rechard : i want to hear your sex confession after that i will disconnect all cameras.
Shreya : what do you want to know? i told you how i addicted to sex.
Richard : yes you told me how vishal fuck you now tell me how many people fuck you till today?
Shreya : only 3 persons fucked me till today.
Rechard : who are they? tell me there names.
Shreya : vishal dadlani vijay nathan and richard gomes.

Richard : happy to hear my name in list. your parents know about this?
Shreya : no they don't know anything. 
Rechard : how you get a dildo?
Shreya : i went to newyork for concert i need sex but i can't do sex with anyone i went to market and saw a sex shop and visit there i saw many dildos in diffrent sizes and colours. Purple is favorate colour i choose this one and buy from the shop this way i got my 7 inch dildo.
Rechard : wow, now tell me how many times you use your dildo in one month?
Shreya : just once or twice in month.
Rechard : how many times vishal fucked you?
Shreya : 3 times in 8 years.
Rechard : how many times she fucked from others in her all jorney.
Shreya : 4 times 3 with vishal and 1 with vijay.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
Rechard : ok last question what will you do with all stuff.
Shreya : i will destroy all.
Richard :why?
Shreya : i don't want take risks.
Rechard : thanks for interview you make me hot and fully erect.
Shreya looked at him see a bludge on towel and smiled rechard got up take his laptop and move to shreya. He sat with her on sofa turn on the laptop connect with enternet and disconnected all the cameras and erase there recordings also deleated her videos in frount of her. He saw at her and said
rechard : happy ! I did what you said now you can trust me. I am a good boy and always keep my promises.
Shreya : good boys never blackmale anyone.
Rechard : i like sex in every type and want to enjoy its feeling.

Shreya : what should you do if the waiter see your bludge.
Rechard : infact i was thinking what should he think about this.
They both laughed at this. He stood up went to kichen took chocolates and choco juice from freezer come back with them and put them on table. He took one peace chocolate and move to her mouh she opened her mouth take it and eat it. Now shreya took one peace and move to his mouth he took it and eat it he again took one peace but this time move it in mouth he took half peace in mouth turn to shreya and move to her lips. Shreya opened her lips for peace he placed his lips on her and kissed.

Shreya got surprised at his romantic move but give response with kiss. He moved chocolate with his toung in her mouth shreya took it with toung also suck his toung both start pashionate kissing sharing chocolate and sucking lips her eat chocolate start properly kissing. He sucked her chocolaty red lips suck toung and also taste her salivag his hands move to her goun open the knot unbutten it and romove it from her chest and start fondel her tits. He broke kiss stand up take her goun and remove completely from her body made her naked. shreya covered her tits with hands he bent down to her remove her hands and take her nipple in mouth start sucking it. He sucked her tits took her in his arms and move to bed.

He reached at the edge of bed make her sit facing him move down and kiss heq again. Shreya started unbutten his shirt remove it from his body through at side and then move to towel and remove it from him. He broke the kiss took her hand to his shaft. Shreya took it in her hand and start moving on it feeling it surge and give a kiss on it.
She looked at him with smile he leant her take his cock in mouth. she blushed come down from bed went on knees take a look at cock move hand on the shaft stroked little move toung on tip lick there went to balls kiss them move toung on them take them in mouth and suck them for while make him shivar come back to cock take deep in mouth hear him sigh and start blowing.

She started sucking his cock taking deep in her mouth use her saliva move head to and playing with balls. He stopped her she stopped surprised but did'nt remove his cock from mouth look at him raise her eyebrows and ask. what happen? He took a look at her and said "wow you are looking damm sexy" shreya blushed and give a pinch on his thight he moaned"aaaoh" shreya giggled at him and start sucking him. He started moaning like "aaah ohyeah hmmm suck it babe aaahyes etc etc" she releaved his cock move to balls suck them move her toung on them come back to cock move her tounge all over it take deep in her mouth and continue her job. He started give comments to her with moans.

Rechard :"ohyeah suck it ummm wow suck it like that aaaah love your sucking yes suck it babe you are such a good sucker aahyes common suck it babe ummm oh yes" shreya removed his cock look up at him give a sexy look and said"shhh dont make noice i feel shy" he laughed and said i can't cantrol my moans. Shreya blushed and go back to her work take his cock deep in her mouth till her nose pressed on his tummy wrapped her arms around his vaste and start deepthroating him. He groaned at her move"ohyeah suck it like that take it full comeon yes haaaa"he saw his cock apearing and disapearing in her mouth her boobs were jinging as she move her head on his cock her seliva coming out and dripping on her tits.
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RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
as he saw her in that position he could'nt cantrol held her hair head in his head and give a strong push in her throat and start fucking her throat give several strong pushes in throat everytime when he pushed his dick her seliva drop out on her tits he pull his dick from her mouth move to her tits pull them up to his dick.
Shreya got his hint hold her tits fix around him and feel his iron road between them he started move his dick up and down as he start fucking her boobs firstly slow and then go faster. He started fucking her boobs with strong thrusts and moaning"ohyeah what a fucking tits common hold them tightly" shreya arched her back pulled them tightly around him make perfect for task

He was fucking her ample breasts with power strokes. Shreya was spitting carefuly on them making lubrication for his help. both were moaning loudly room was full with there sexy moans. He was on his peak slipped his dick from her tits and said "common suck it" shreya took his dick deep in her mouth move up and down on it make him moan loudly as he reached on his climax he shouted"oh yeah common suck it aaah o my god i am cuming i am cuming aaah"as he shouted shreya move her head take his more than half cock in her mouth he ajucated his cum in her mouth. shreya swollowed all his cum remove his dick and clean it with her toung. She looked at him their eyes met he pull her up hug her and fell on bed with her.

Shreya looked at him he was laying on bed eyes closed close taking deep breaths one arm under her head and other was over her. She smiled at him move to his forehead and kiss there combed his hear with her fingers. He opened his eyes and give a smile move his fingers in her hair come to her forehead crease her cheeks move to her rosy lips pull her near him and give a kiss she also responded him. while kissing he moved his hand to all over her body. tits nippels nevel vaste tummy ass and also on her pussy he broke the kiss looked at her and said"wow you are so beautiful"shreya blushed in shyness and look away from him he turned her face and said"HAPPY VALENTINE DAY"

Shreya looked up at watch. The time was 12'o clock and the date was 14 feb and look at him smiled and give him a soft kiss and said"very happy valentines day".she got up from bed move to washroom rechard follow her. Both stood under the shower. Rechard start the shower water drops falling on there bodies both were applying soap on each other and wash each part of there body. After take bath they come back to bed. He laid on bed shreya joined him laid on other side he pull her near both wrapped there arms on each other and slept naked.

Shreya woke up at 6 in morning get down from bed and go to washroom. After take bath come back to hall she was totaly naked rubbing her hair with towel wrapped them in towel come to bed take a look at richard he was sleeping in strait position his legs open cock limped she smiled and slowly climb on bed sit between her legs take his limp cock in hand move up and down feel his surge lay down on stomach move lips to cock close her eyes and start kissing softly.he woke up with her tricks raise his head up look down found shreya kissing his cock. He moaned on her kisses. She looked at him with smiling face and said
"GOOD MORNING MR. GOMES" and he got up kissed her on lips and say good morning to her.

Shreya moved down from bed he got up move to washroom and take bath. Shreya went to sofa and sit there after some time rechard come back join her on sofa. She served him cofee he start sipping the cofee start chating while sipping the cofee. 
Shreya : how's cofee?
Rechard : its nice.
Shreya : what's next?
Rechard : i want my gift.
Shreya : what?
Rechard : a blowjob.
Shreya : ok but in one condition.
Rechard : what?
Shreya : you will not fuck my throat.
Rechard : ok.
Shreya : what about my gift?
Rechard : what do you want?
Shreya : your cock.
Rechard : ok take it its all yours.
Shreya moved her hand to his cock and start stroking it in slow motion.
05-18-2014, 05:38 PM,
RE: Shreya Ghoshal having Sex on Valentine's Day
They emptied there mugs shreya took them and move to kichen wash them put them on self come back to him sit with him put hand on his dick start chating with him.
Shreya : what do you like in that bondage girl?
Rechard : she is a prety girl but she never suck my penis like you.
Shreya : why you choose bondage room for me.
Rechard : b'coz i like bondage sex.
Rechard : Now can i ask one question.
Shreya : hmmm yes.
Rechard : can i get my gift now.
Shreya blushed on that went to her knees open his thights make him sit properly for task look at him open her mouth take it in and start blowing his cock in slowmotion. She started move up and down on his shaft use her seliva on it making sluppry noices.

He was enjoying the scene happy to see her tits jinging with her moves as she was sucking his cock using her toung her seliva was leaking from her mouth as moving her head up and down on his shaft her hands were on his thights and she was blowing his cock taking all of it in mouth in one go and coming back to tip in smoothy moves loved her work at him. He was moaning in slow voice like"aaah hmmm oh haaa siiiii haaa ummm oh yeah aaah aaah hmmm yes suck it i love it ummm you are a good sucker"shreya felt shy to hear his moans and give a pat on his left thight continue her job in slow and steedy rydham.

She continued th job went down to the base of his cock take full of it stay there bobing her head around him give him a deepthroat move back to tip stay there and suck it make him trambling saw his expressions start sucking like this. He watched his dick disapearing when she move down to base apearing when she move up to tip see her seliva on his cock. He moaned loud in pleasure"oh yeah suck it this way oh my god you are looking damm hot oh yeah wow suck it babe make me feel good oh i am so lucky to have a cocksucker like you love your slutty mouth aaah common suck it make me cum" she heard his moaning gripped her lips tighter on his dick taking deep making smooth moves on his shaft.

He could'nt cantrol more start moaning loud and give her a hint that he is on peak she move on his dick take more then half of it and start sucking like candy. He moaned"oh yes oh my god i am cumming aaaaaaah aah ah" his body jurked as he start cuming in her mouth his breaths were cutting the air feel relax after cum. She gripped his dick in lips and slipped out in smooth motion gulped all his cum without waisting single drop. She sinked back on floar and ask. "how was the gift"
he said
"it was awesome it was the best blowjob i am lucky to have you for suck my cock" she saw the time it was 8'o clock she went to washroom wore her own dress come back to him and said let's go down and have breakfast

they went to hotel. After breakfast they went to market for shopping shreya buy new dresses makeup kits etc etc rechard buy new shirts and also buy a new dress for shreya. he baught candles,heart balloons,chocolates,sweets and flowers. They went to gift shop shreya buy a new scent for him as a gift and he buy buy a makeup kit for her. After shopping they went to beach resort have lunch there and also enjoy boating they were having full fun enjoying the love day at 4 pm they come back at hotel have some cofee went in room and start decorating the room changed his bed sheet completed there work in 1 haur and take a look the room was very beautiful everything was decorated and shinning.

He gave her a new dress it was a very small she changed her dress and come in new one look. She wore very sexy very small white top and leg fixed white bermuda. She was looking very sexy in new dress. He came near her wrapped a black cloth on eyes make her blind he made her sit on sofa and after some time he removed the cloth from her eyes. She slowly open her eyes and got surprised all room was full with candle lights and heart baloons light music was playing in low voice dinning table decorated with cake and shampane everything was very beautiful in room. He came on his thights take a rose in his hand give it to her took her hand in his give a kiss on it and wispared

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